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Under 19's started the day in cold and slightly wet conditions. The boys were hanging around and taking it up to Sunbury until the second half when the opposition managed to kick away. Forbesy and Mitch Baker brought their own ball to the game and were in just about every play,whilst Coop Littlehalesrebounded countless balls out of defence.

The magoos had their first win over Sunbury for the first time ever (pls don't fact check this). With a starting line up that would've beaten the 2013 senior Burra side by 100+ points confidence levels were high, and it showed on the field. In a low scoring affair we kicked the first 2 goals of the game to get off to a great start.Powelly kicked his second for the game halfway through the last quarter and the cue was in the rack and the 4 premiership points secured. Wax Weightman, Chris Geoffrey and Baden Stevens were the best players on ground.

The seniors got off to a slow start, conceding the first 3 goals of the game and were seemingly unable to wrestle momentum for long enough periods of the game from there. We were 4 goals down at 3 qtr time and a 10 minute/3 goal power-play from Matt Austin sparked life back into the game and Burra home crowd. Unfortunately these were the only goals kicked for the qtr and a 9 point defeat prevailed.

This weekend we have Ben Trew playing his 100th game. Ben is as silky as they come, selling more candy than Willy Wonka over those 100 games. Ben has been a mainstay in the back 6 for years and can always be replied upon to get his team out of trouble. All the best today Trewy!!

Netball notes;

Over on the courts the under 19's set the tone early with an impressive 12 goal win.Courtney Ball was unstoppable with 18 goals at 75%.

E grade we're unable to come away with a win in a low scoring and close encounter. Elle Hammill played a fantastic game in her 50th senior game for the club.

D grade experienced a similar fate to their E grade counterparts in that they unfortunatley lost the game by 5 goals. Brooke J and Chelsea Mason were among the better players on the court.

C grade started their finals run with a solid 5 goal win. Coach Allen was quoted after the game saying "No one has ever won a premiership in May. They know we're coming".

B grade came up against a very strong Sunbury VII and were unable to get a win. Rachel Vagg and Sam Plester tried their hardest all game long.

A grade had an emphatic win in the late game. G Cann, Adut and Caitlin in the attacking third is providing to be a force to be reckoned with, akin to Fluffy the 3 headed dog from Harry Potter. With the shooters shooting and a shrewd defence, we were on top early and maintained the lead all game.

Goodluck to all football and netball grades today against the Redan Lions !

Up the Burra!!

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