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2019 05 georgia 100 mainThis week at the Burra we had a very special person play her 100 games, Georgia Cann. Georgia is the Vice President of our Club.

Georgia is like no other, she goes above and beyond in everything she does, she welcomes everyone, she encourages everyone to try their best but most of all she has so much love and respect for everyone at the club.

Georgia came to the club 7 years ago and the change that has occurred in the netball department is mind blowing. She is like the mother of netball and we are extremely lucky to have her at the club.

Georgia Cann is truly one of the best people that has ever stepped foot on the Sebas grounds, the way she conducts herself on and off the court is professional and her knowledge of the game is indescribable.

Words can’t explain how lucky we are to have GC at the Burra. She is an inspiration to many.

We love you Georgia!

2019 05 Georgia 100 01
2019 05 Georgia 100 04
2019 05 Georgia 100 02

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