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The Sebastopol Netball Club is a place where community members are given the opportunity to engage in a sport they enjoy with a group of like minded people. Participation and inclusion are valued and an enjoyment of the game is fostered. Particular focus is placed upon supporting everyone to know that they are a part of a community of people who are passionate, who enjoy the company of others and who want to grow and learn together.

Over the past years there has been a specific focus on restructuring the organisaton and operations of the netball club. A focus on growth has seen several coaches, new and existing, volunteer their time and skills to ensure that each and every payer is provided with a level of coaching that supports their growth; as netballers and as community members.

The crucial role that umpires play in the game of netball has been emphasised, with many opportunities for new and upcoming umpires provided to refine and grow their understanding of officiating the game. Running alongside this has been a purposeful initiative aimed at ensuring each member of our club understands the importance of demonstrating respect and a genuine appreciation towards those who choose to officiate the game.

Coordinators have refined the role they have in ensuring the organisation of the netball departments, teams, coaches and umpires has been professional and done in a way that promotes enjoyment of the game for all.

Teams have continued to demonstrate growth and going forward, will continue to build upon the solid foundations that have been set.

Finally our club has been, and will continue to be a family. Together we unite to celebrate the achievements of teams and individuals and provide a strong network of support to our family and friends in their times of need.

The Sebastopol Football Netball Club is most certainly ‘The Place To Be’

A - Georgia Cann & Narelle Perkins
B - Chelsea Burns
C - Joshua Wells
D - Tanya Kirby
E - Olivia Cottier
19 - Kiya Eberle

Training nights:
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

Georgia Cann (Netball Director and Senior Coach) ‭
0409 439 801‬
Philippa Dodd (Netball Coordinator)
0404 272 442



2017 Presentation Night

2017 Presentations Under11 Reserve

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